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At 8excite+, we believe that customer satisfaction is key to a successful business and its growth.

To do so, we actively connect with high-end manufacturers and distributors to source for genuine, quality products to satisfy and delight our customers.

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an e-commerce platform unlike any other.

The main objective of 8excite+ is to solve the e-commerce platform gap between consumers and e-commerce or marketplace business owners. Our aim is to achieve a win-win solution for both parties without compromising each parties’ benefits. Consumers can enjoy great deals via the group buy while our 8excite+ business partners can achieve their target volume at a fair price with profitable returns. This is what makes 8excite+ different from other e-commerce platforms.

Why become an 8excite+ Partner?
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#1 Group Buy Community With More Than 3 Million 8excite+ Members


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Additional Revenue Stream


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Hassle-Free Shipping Logistic Resources


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No Need For Listing Setup & No Extra Operational Efforts


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Additional Advertisement & Customer Satisfaction Support


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Guaranteed Volume Without Compromising Your Profit Margins


8excite+ Objectives
Partner With 8excite+

To build South East Asia’s No.1 Group Buy Community.

Partner With 8excite+
To help our business partners achieve target volume.
Partner With 8excite+
To bring a convenient, engaging and cost-saving online shopping platform to consumers seeking the best deals in town.
Partner With 8excite+

To achieve an additional yet sustainable revenue stream for our business partners.

8excite+ can target more precise customers.

Our business partners can easily reach and target precise groups of customers upon joining 8excite+. As customers initiate their own group buys, they will naturally be grouped into different group categories.

  • Family & Friends
  • Housemaker
  • Residential Community
  • Students
  • Co-workers
  • Deal Hunters
Why Should You Join 8excite+ ?
Partner With 8excite+
3 Million

User Database

Technology and AI partner

Partner With 8excite+

(Manage insight & AI marketing targeting)

8excite+ Group Buy will be the next trend

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